Announcements Server is UP!

Saturday 29/10/2016

Server is UP !! have fun and happy playing!

*Please run the autoupdate before log in to the game

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Announcements Open Beta Schedule

Friday 28/10/2016

The server will be up on Saturday, October 28 at 19.00 GMT+7

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Events List [Event] The Legendary God Of War

Thursday 25/08/2016
For those, who call yourself a legend, a god of war, the ONLY ONE who have the : Highest Contribution Point ( CPT ) 7 Days after Open Beta You will get : Wing ( Donation Item ) - by your choice   &nbs ..
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Events List [Event] First Breaker

Thursday 18/08/2016
First Breaker   For the first who destroy the Chip and successfully brought into HSK   Reward (only one winner) : US$38 / Rp.500.000,- (Used for donation) ..
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Events List [Event] Born Of Legend

Tuesday 02/08/2016
Born Of Legend   -First Archon   Event starts from :  For 3 players from each nation , who first occupied the Archon  Reward :  1 Pcs Relic Weapon 75 of your choice 1 Set ..
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